Providing A Comprehensive Carpet Maintenance Service

Our Mission: To provide our customers with the most comprehensive and professional carpet maintenance 

systems of the highest quality and to offer an expert, personalized service and support for the long term.

It is also our aim to try and encourage our customers to move away from the use of water cleaning systems in their properties to eliminate the inevitability of bacterial growth, to create a healthier environment in their property, to lengthen the life of the carpet and substantially increase the return on their investment. It is our mission to help save our customers money in many areas including replacement carpet, to save time for the hotel staff by reducing the cleaning frequency and assist with implementing a planned scheduled maintenance system tailor made for your property.

CarpetSmart was established in Thailand in October 2012 as we felt the current water systems being used here to clean carpets were old-fashioned, damaging  and out of date. We wanted to change that by transcending from the less superior services you have been used to, to an elevated platform far superior in both technique and results, a professional service in which to meet the high standards expected by our customers and guests alike.


How we achieved this was by introducing the latest technological advances worldwide in systems, techniques, chemicals and machinery to the hotel and hospitality industry across the whole of Thailand offering an unequalled carpet cleaning service Thailand has ever seen; enabling us to give our customers the same level of 21st century cleaning capabilities only experienced in the West until now. We personally felt that properties deserved the same advantages new systems bring and should not be left behind in cleaning systems and methods. Materials change, carpet fibres change and the systems that clean these ever changing aspects need to change with them, otherwise maintenance becomes that much harder to implement and you simply will not get the results a 5 star property demands.


We wanted to revolutionize carpet cleaning in Asia by introducing new systems,, something nobody had ever seen before, systems that not only saved our customers money, time and disruption, but created a healthier environment with cleaner and brighter carpets. Since then our company has gone from strength to strength introducing new and more advanced systems and expanding our service portfolio exponentially, through both demand of our customers needs, and also to keep ahead of the game with regards advancements in our field. 

Over the last several years, 100% of our business has come from referrals or recommendations from our existing customers, we've not even required the need for a website or advertising. But as we are now expanding into Asia we felt the need to reach a much wider audience to grow our business in order to continue offering our ever-growing customer base the quality service they have come to expect from my company.

CarpetSmart are one of the leading companies in Thailand for innovative and effective carpet cleaning and continually strive to be the best at what we do and the professional service we offer. We are the first and only such company to introduce three new revolutionary Water-less carpet cleaning systems into Asia which incorporates new chemistry, new machines and a whole new method of cleaning carpets.


Our processes are quick, very efficient and are recognized worldwide as the most effective and cost-effective method of interim and deep clean maintenance on your carpets.


VERY IMPORTANT: The zig zag pattern on the finished carpet is simply where the machine has lifted the carpet pile back to its original standing, so all that you are seeing is the mark of the machine brushing the pile in one direction with each pass and then the other direction on its return. THIS IS OPTIONAL and most of our customers choosing. It is entirely your choice how you wish your carpet to be finished, we can do zig zag as mentioned, we can do stripes, or we can brush ALL the pile in one direction so leaving no marks at all, very much like grass behaves when a mowing machine moves around on a football pitch moving the grass blades in different directions creates different patterns. 


carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
Maintaining the high standards and quality expected of today's more discerning traveller

CarpetSmart prides itself in the very fact that we are the only company in Asia that we are aware of, that 'Removes the dry dirt from your carpet BEFORE we start our cleaning process'. Our philosophy is simple: How can you clean a carpet effectively with all the dry dirt still in your carpet? Using an antiquated method such as water bonnet, hot water extraction, steam or wand only dilutes that dirt deeper into your carpet fibres, and then unfortunately the best suction machine in the world will not extract all that dirty water effectively or efficiently from your carpet. In fact, 20-25% of dirty water from a water system actually remains in your carpet. So before your carpet has even had the many hours it takes for it to dry, you are already 20-25% of the way there to another clean requirement!


This is a very unproductive and inefficient way to maintain a carpet and can also incur an incredible amount of damage; from carpet shrinkage, discolouration, colour fading, mold and bacterial growth which creates the very distinctive 'Musty' smell that emanates from your carpets, split and damaged fibres from rotary action across the carpet surface which over time can lead to carpet base rot that in turn creates a loose platform for the fibres. This then leads to them becoming unstable in your carpet and eventually fall out altogether. By using our carpet cleaning service Bangkok carpets will never again have this concern as we never use such destructive measures in our cleaning!

carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
We can transform your ballroom that's fit for any bride!
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
Rejuvenate an unhealthy, drab and dreary looking restaurant carpet... to a bright beautiful, clean fresh looking and far healthier artwork floor tapestry. A far nicer area to dine away the hours.
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
Breathe life back into a neglected and poorly maintained bar carpet enhancing the whole environment, nothing better than to enjoy your drinks with friends in a clean and socially comfortable setting!
carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet

We feel that given the unique opportunity of performing a short demonstration of any of our systems would be of particular interest to you, all of which have the potential to solve all carpet problems a busy hotel operation creates. These have changed the way carpets are being cleaned in Thailand and CarpetSmart yet again lead the way forward. We are pioneers in our industry and are incredibly proud of the work that we do.


All our systems and techniques require a high degree of specialist expertise, a deep understanding of our business and carpet fibres, and a total understanding of our customer’s needs in order to deliver the very best results.

CarpetSmart Cleaning Specialists recognize and understand that one of the biggest investments for many hotels and properties  are their carpets, and that it’s also their most abused asset. So we  understand the importance of protecting this capital asset by not only maintaining a good appearance for the entire life of the carpet, but to also reduce a facilities maintenance costs and to maximize the life-cycle of the carpet to get the most out of their investment.

With this in mind; CarpetSmart have implemented unique cleaning processes to provide our customers with a comprehensive carpet maintenance solution.


We are very proud of the fact that we are indeed the first and only such company offering such a professional, reliable and efficient carpet maintenance service catering for a demand in the hotel and hospitality industry. We are many hotels first choice of contractor, as we provide a level of carpet cleaning service Bangkok or Thailand has never had until now!


Periodic cleaning is performed using a choice of technically advanced systems and chemicals. ‘Dry cleaning’ as it is known in the industry is a revolutionary technique that is highly recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.


Implementing the correct procedure and going that extra mile with regards to proper care, and attention to detail, will pay off in the long run.


Most high-traffic carpet areas are cleaned only when soil remains visible after vacuuming. The problem with this “restorative cleaning” is that layers upon layers of dirt must build up before it is noticeable, and cleaning at this point can leave up to 85% of the layered grime and pollutants trapped in the carpet fibres.


The situation is compounded by the fact that much of the remaining soil is sticky and oily, and the harsh chemicals typical of restorative cleaning systems can themselves leave a sticky residue.


Together with the fact that Spin Bonneting and Rotary machine shampooing can have a detrimental effect and actually contribute to the deterioration of a carpet. They rip and tear at the carpet fibres causing the carpet to appear fluffy; this in turn helps to trap in embedded soils further.


The result is increased soil adherence, so that subsequent cleanings become less and less effective and more and more frequent. This leads to substantial degradation of the carpets appearance long before its time and shortens its overall life cycle.

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carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet

The CarpetSmart Solution

Due to our immense success servicing numerous 5 and 4 star hotels and resorts across Thailand, we would now like to offer our full range of different services to your hotel or property.

We now offer 3 carpet cleaning systems to suit every hotels budget and needs, these are rated using a gold star system, the 5 gold star service is top of the range, the ‘Rolls Royce of carpet cleaning’, but we also offer a 3 and 2 gold star service meaning professional dry carpet cleaning is now more affordable for every hotel.

Five stars.jpg

Deep Clean Dry Powder (9 Step) Process

Machine dry pick up dirt

High powered vacuum

Pre-clean Interim

Dry Powder system

Spot and Specialist Stain Removal

3 stars.jpg

Interim clean

Machine dry pick up dirt

High powered vacuum

Liquid Crystal Encapsulation Interim clean

Spot removal

1 star.jpg
1 star.jpg

Basic Extraction clean

Powder Crystal Encapsulation process

(Equivalent to a Hot water extraction clean

but without the use of water)

Very basic spring clean like a wand clean

but far more effective.


All three systems we implement are of the highest quality and the most advanced carpet cleaning technology on the market today.  Using our cleaning systems can increase your carpets life by 10 years or more, thus giving our customers a huge saving just on replacement carpet alone. We have contracts that we have held successfully for over 8 years maintaining their carpets periodically, and they still look as good today as when we first cleaned them. This is testament to the systems we use, our techniques and our processes.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have scoured the globe to source only the very best chemicals and machinery to enable us to offer the most comprehensive, professional, technologically advanced systems and techniques in Asia. We have a whole array of specialist chemicals for different spots, stains, smells and tapes. You simply cannot expect one chemical can fix all, that is very unrealistic. We understand this more than most which is why we stand head and shoulders above the rest. CarpetSmart truly is the 'Rolls Royce' of carpet cleaning.

We have proven over time that progressive cleaning, or scheduled periodic maintenance on your carpets using our advanced systems is far more beneficial to the overall appearance and health of your carpet and the environment in which it lays than any other method of carpet cleaning.

The systems that ‘CarpetSmart’ implement have the additional benefits of unaided quicker drying times, these can be between 20-30 minutes for the deep cleaning system, or 30-40 minutes for our Crystal encapsulation process dependent on air temperature and humidity. It also improves the air quality inside your establishment and lifts the carpet pile for enhanced appearance as recommended by leading carpet mills and manufacturers, there is absolutely no water retention within the fibres of base of the carpet which means no more musty smells, no bacterial growth, no shrinkage, no discolouration, no rotting of the carpet base or damaged fibres.


Basically, CarpetSmart offer you something nobody else can do, we save you money, give you better, cleaner looking carpets that are clean right down to the base and stay cleaner for longer inside the carpet depths, peace of mind,  longevity of life to your carpet and no chemical sticky residue! Basically, we are leagues above all our competition, we are years ahead in all our processes, and we give our customers a truly professional carpet cleaning service Bangkok and Thailand not only deserves, but is LONG overdue!

We are not 'Just Another Cleaning Company', but offer a comprehensive carpet maintenance solution and service unmatched by any of our competitors. I sincerely would like to show you our new systems; I honestly think you will be amazed by its simplicity and effectiveness.


We take your carpets very seriously, they are your investment, but they are our business.

carpet cleaning service bangkok - carpet
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