Why Use Us?

It isn't difficult for anyone to drag a hot water extraction machine or spin bonnet machine around a carpet, even a wand, but all of these water processes actually do more harm than good if the science of the carpet is first understood.


There is no skill required for these old fashioned and quite antiquated methods, all of which are superficial cleans that continually dump unknown quantities of water into your carpet.


They really only clean the surface of your carpet so it looks clean and dilute the dirt that is already in your carpet deeper into the fibres, but truthfully that isn't where 90% of the dirt actually resides. A minimum of 25% of the dirty water from Hot water extraction actually remains in the carpet and 100% of the water from a bonnet machine remains. Certainly not an effective or indeed healthy way of cleaning fibres that aren't designed to hold any water at all.


With our new system no water retention is possible as no water is used, this is a dry-clean process which not only deep cleans your carpet, but lifts your carpet pile and also enhances the carpets colours so they come out as bright as on a new carpet – you really need to see. We really do provide the best carpet cleaning services bangkok has to offer, we are in a league of our own when it comes to cleaning carpets!

Besides the other negative side effects of deep water extraction and traditional shampooing, which only works the dirt deeper into the carpet instead of really removing it; it slowly but surely destroys your carpet backing and foam underlay over time due to the remaining moisture retention, this then creates a breeding ground for bacteria and the resulting musty mold smell emanates from your carpets. These are actually airborne bacterial pathogen spores you are inhaling, and these can very easily spread throughout your hotel via the air conditioning.

You will also get shrinkage, splits or parting of the carpets seams, colour loss, sometimes a bad smell and heavy dark discolouration patches which is due to dilution of the dirt in your carpet from over-wetting. Carpets are not designed to hold water which is why we have been so determined to change the way people in Thailand think about how they maintain their carpets to get the best out of them and looking better for their guests. We understand the importance of carpet appearance when guests first enter a hotel, first impressions are vital and you never get a second chance for a good first impression.

Heavy Discolouration due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Carpet Wrinkling due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Seam Splitting due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Wrinkling caused by Carpet Shrinkage due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Seam Splitting due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Bacterial Breeding Ground due to Over-Wetting by Water System
Bacterial Pathogen Spores Caused due to Over-Wetting by Water System
This is the dirt you cant see!
That we extract BEFORE we clean your carpet!

We remove the maximum amount of dirt from the depths of your pile, this is the most important factor of our work and the most misunderstood. It is this element of our work that is the most difficult to explain yet is the most crucial for the life of the carpet and the health of your environment. We extract all the dirt you can't see and of course the parts you can, this is why our carpets stay cleaner for longer and the life of the carpet is drastically lengthened by up to 10 years using our systems and procedures. Basically...Water Destroys Carpets...! So why use it?


We have been in operation now for over 8 years but also have 30+ years of experience backing us up, and 100% of our business has come from referral or recommendation by existing customers, which is why you may or may not have heard of us, but our company is growing at such a rate that we now feel we can market to a much wider audience... We are totally unique, providing a different level of carpet cleaning services bangkok has ever seen!


I sincerely hope you can immediately see the many benefits your hotel can gain from implementing our water-less systems and how far better your carpets will look and more importantly last!


All three of our systems are essential for consistent carpet maintenance and all have very fast dry times of between 45 minutes for interim and 20 minutes for the deep clean. So no more waiting many hours for your carpets to dry,  no more huge disruption to your hotel, no more closure of large areas leading to loss of revenue, and no more blowers needed to speed up your drying.


I really do think this will be of great benefit to you and your hotel offering huge cost savings just in replacement carpet alone,  creating a visually more beautiful carpet and giving you a far healthier environment for your guests and staff alike. This is only part of what you get, we offer so much more and many other incredible services which I feel you would also find incredibly useful.


If your carpets are important to you, then they are to us too! We guarantee nobody can deliver what we promise or can compete with our quality of work. At CarpetSmart we literally 'care' for your carpets and treat them with a level of respect only matched by the manufacturer  or the actual owner of the carpet.


Our new deep clean product uses a special technique (10 step process), which actually allows you to use the freshly cleaned carpeted area immediately after a deep clean procedure has been performed, while it takes you at least 6-12 hours of drying time if you use traditional methods, plus the closure of entire areas and floors in the process creating huge loss of revenue and disruption to your hotel, ours is dry and ready for service after just 20 minutes..


We provide our customers with the most comprehensive and professional carpet maintenance in Thailand and offer only the very best carpet cleaning services bangkok can offer; this now also includes specialist stubborn stain removal of red wine, coffee, orange juice, vomit, red/green Fanta and many more. We are the ONLY company in Asia that can carry out this type of work without incurring any further damage to your carpet fibres. 


Stain removal is a major part of our work and has been received very highly from all of our customers. Our success rate using this system is astounding and is just another string to our ever-enlarging bow.


I sincerely hope you can immediately see the many benefits your hotel can gain from implementing our water-less systems and how far better your carpets will look and more importantly last!

High Powered Vacuum
Machine Dry Pick Up
Add Odour Neutralizer
Encapsulating Pre-Spray
Apply Dry Powder
Work the Powder into Carpet
Extract Dirty Powder from Carpet
Spray Anti-Bacterial Fragranced Treatment

At CarpetSmart we don't just clean your carpets...We care for them!

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