Old Wet System
Antiquated system, Antiquated method!
New Dry System
The future - the best dry carpet cleaner Bangkok has to offer!

Superficial clean, only cleans the top one-third of carpet fibres




Excessive wetting causing shrinkage and splitting, discolouration, colour loss of fibres due to harsh chemicals and shampoos


Causes bacterial build up in base of carpet leading to bad smells and airborne pathogens

Shortens the life and destroys carpets over a short period of time



Excessive Dry Times



Volatile chemicals and cheap shampoos


Requires regular cleaning

Leaves 25%+ of dirt and dirty water within the depths of your carpet along with sticky residues

Creates airborne bacterial pathogens that circulate your property through the air conditioning

Cleans over the dirt that is within the carpet simply diluting the dry dirt into the fibres

Is outdated and old-fashioned technology



Re-soils very quickly


Requires closure of large areas to carry out the process creating loss of revenue to the hotel

Damages cut pile (staple yarn), twist pile, loop pile with BCF – Bulked Continuous Filament)

Deep cleans right down to the base of the carpet, removes 80% more dirt than any other system

No water is used so no discolouration, no colour loss but colour enhancement as we do not dilute dirt into the fibres

No bacterial build up as carpet never gets wet


Extends the life of a carpet up to 10 years by using safe product and systems

Our dry times are 20-40 minutes without the need for blowers

All our chemicals are CRI certified, Woolsafe approved and green seal certified environmentally friendly with no volatile VOC's

Requires a quarter the cleaning of conventional systems

Leaves 0% of water retention as no water is used, leaves no dirt, no sticky residue, just natural beautiful clean fluffy carpet 

We remove all bacterial pathogens before they become airborne by allowing your carpet to fully dry out as we don't use water


We remove the dry dirt from your carpet first, then we can clean your carpet more effectively, no other company performs such a process

Is the very latest and most up-to-date advancement in technology for carpet cleaning for machinery, chemicals and systems

Re-soils a lot less due to the amount of soil extraction and no sticky chemical residue being left behind in the carpet

No need to close any areas at all, we have a dry time of 20 minutes and very quiet machines meaning no loss of revenue

No damage to your fibres as we use environmentally friendly chemicals, safe counter rotating brushes to gently agitate your carpet and lift the carpet pile as on a new carpet

The Damage Water Does to your Carpet After Continual Use!

Splitting of the seams caused by shrinkage

Wrinkling of the carpet caused by shrinkage

Wrinkling of the carpet caused by shrinkage

Wrinkling of the carpet caused by shrinkage

Colour Fading or Discolouration

This was the colour of the carpet originally when it was installed, but by continually using water systems and cheap chemicals this is what the carpet looked like after only 2 years! What was a beautiful, elegant looking carpet is now a drab and dreary looking carpet which smells very bad from bacterial growth within the carpet base!

This carpet had to be replaced after only a few short years, if only this hotel had listened to our expert instruction they would still have a beautiful black and gold elegant carpet in their ballroom in which to entertain and please their guests!

But like most hotels, trying to save money by cutting corners costs them more in the long term! How much to replace a ballroom and foyer carpet of this size? Many millions of the owners money...but still nobody listens!

Overwetting the carpet causing the backing of the carpet to rot!
Rotting base of the carpet weakens the fibres themselves, eventually falling out of the carpet altogether, massive irreparable damage to the structure of the carpet and huge bacterial fungal growth! These are the airborne pathogens you breath in when you create a bacterial breeding ground under your carpet through constant use of water. A perfect habitat, dark, warm, humid! You are contributing to their growth every time you use water, you are feeding these pathogens that are then released into your property every time someone walks over your carpet, vacuums or cleans using a water system! They are a very distinctive odour of a musty mould smell, not at all pleasant for your guests, and most certainly not healthy for the staff to be breathing in day after day!

If left untreated or taken care of professionally, then this is usually the outcome! A carpet so destroyed and so full of bacteria that there is no other choice but to rip it out and replace the carpet, underlay, gripper rods, and closing the room for this to happen. All this costs money and time!

If only people would listen before it gets to this stage we can help prevent all of this from ever happening in the first place. We are experts and pioneers in our field yet there are still people who seem to know better! The inevitable outcome is they end up paying a lot more expense than they every should have! All they need do is make a very small change - from destructive water systems, to the very best dry carpet cleaner Bangkok has ever known!                                             

In short..."There are no short-cuts to good housekeeping"
Rotting carpet backing from years of water usage, a 6 year old carpet that again has to be replaced! We could have maintained that carpet and given them another 8-10 years of quality life to that carpet! How much would that save the hotel? This is the black bacteria that resides in the backing of your carpet and in your underlay, this is the bacteria you are breathing in day after day going into your lungs! When will people start to listen to what the experts are advising? When are people going to stop trying to cut corners to save money at the expense of the hotel staffs health? This is a question we have been asking ourselves now for almost 8 years?

WATER DESTROYS CARPETS! - There is no getting away from the facts...

Whether that be a bonnet machine, hot water extraction machine or a wand operated water system, they ALL eventually damage, destroy and decay your expensive commodity...your carpet!



Splitting of seams

Wrinkling of carpet

Colour fade

Bacterial growth and that musty smell

Rotting carpet backing

Sticky chemical residues after cleaning (Which speeds up the process of re-cleaning)                                               

Regular maintenance using our systems SAVES YOU MONEY! It's that simple!

A simple equation:


When using the hot water extraction process you may need to close an entire floor down to carry out this procedure for anything from 8 – 15 hours to allow the carpet to fully dry out using blowers and air conditioning on full for the duration, this is additional costs.


This means lost revenue for the hotel and can be assessed as follows:



Hot Water Extraction:

1 floor of 150sq.m of carpet has 20 rooms @ 5,000thb per room   =   100,000 per floor

The hotel has 20 floors   =   2,000,000 in lost revenue per annual deep clean.

A hot water cleaning company charges let’s say 10 baht/sq.m x 150sq.m   =   1,500 per floor cleaning or 30,000 for the 20 floors

Add that to the lost revenue  =  2,030,000 of cost to the hotel.


Our deep clean dry powder system, which is the best dry carpet cleaner bangkok has access to through our service:

Can be carried out with no closure at all of any rooms…Total loss of revenue   =   0

Our cost for the service   =   75/sq.m x 150sq.m x 20 floors =  12,000 x 20 = 225,000.

Add that to the '0' loss of revenue and now we in fact save you 1,805,000 per annual clean for your corridors alone!


Competitor/yourself - Total loss =   2,030,000

Carpetsmart –             Total Saved = 1,805,000


So even if a competitor did it for free, or you carried out the work yourself, we are still in fact very much cheaper! Combine this with all the other many benefits of using our system:

  1. Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

  2. No water retention in your carpets at all

  3. No chance of mould or mildew growth

  4. Immediate dry time, carpet is in use immediately after process has been performed

  5. Prolongs the life of your carpets by doubling its life expectancy, giving huge savings on replacement carpet

  6. Fibre friendly brushes on the machines which lift your carpet pile and not crush or tear at the fibres

  7. Leaves your carpet soft, clean, hygienic, bright and looking like new

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