carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
The CarpetSmart   -   Cleaner System                Dry Powder Deep Clean
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CarpetSmart are one of the leading companies in Thailand providing Expert,  professional carpet dry cleaning systems and services to the Hotel and Hospitality Industry, who can offer incomparable and safe methods for cleaning all types of carpets. The number 1 for carpet cleaning Bangkok has to offer!

The CarpetSmart Cleaner System consists of the latest machine technology and easy-to-use brushing machines, a revolutionary cleaning compound and other cleaning products which were developed specifically for the deep cleaning of carpets.

This revolutionary new carpet cleaning system has the potential to solve all carpet problems a busy hotel operation creates.

The product uses a special technique (10 step process), which actually allows you to use the freshly cleaned carpeted area immediately after a deep cleaning process is performed, while it takes you at least 4-12 hours of drying time if you use traditional methods.

The many cost-saving benefits for non-closure of large areas of your hotels for this process are huge let alone all the other fantastic benefits this new system offers!

Besides the other negative side effects of deep water extraction and traditional shampooing, which only works the dirt deeper into the carpet instead of really removing it; it slowly but surely destroys your foam underlay over time due to the remaining moisture retention, this then creates a breeding ground for bacteria and the resulting musty mould smell emanates for your carpets.


With our new system no water retention is possible as no water is used, this is a dry-clean process which not only deep cleans your carpet, but lifts your carpet pile and also enhances the carpets colours so they come out as bright as on a new carpet – you really need to see.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

The heart of the system is our brand new CarpetSmart cleaning compound that is produced using 98% of renewable natural (organic) materials, some of its features include:                     • phosphate-free• pH-neutral• Biodegradable• Environmentally friendly

The process is very simple; the CarpetSmart Cleaning Machines brush the cleaning compound deep into the carpet.

The dirt is captured by the cleaning compound and is absorbed like a sponge. At the same time, the carpet pile is lifted and raised again to its original form.


The soiled cleaning compound is then extracted using the new Renovator adaptors that are attached to the machine.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
The old-fashioned way of deep cleaning carpets…

This is an outdated method of carpet cleaning Bangkok has been using for many years. But did you know that 20- 25%+ of this dirty water remains in your carpet and soaks through to your underlay when using the Hot Water Deep Extraction process???


This then creates a breeding ground for bacteria and you get the resulting musty mouldy smell emanating from your carpets.

Not pleasant for your carpets health, your staff’s health or indeed your guest’s health as these musty smells are in fact airborne bacterial pathogen spores that they are breathing in.

You never have the worry of this ever again with our new system. Peace of mind is priceless!

A range of other carpet care products completes the system, including: Specialist spotting chemicals for various spillages.

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The CarpetSmart Cleaner product range consists of ingredients of the highest quality, as we pay great attention to the protection of the environment and excellent and efficient cleaning results. Meaning we are very safe, green and environmentally friendly when we are carpet cleaning Bangkok hotels and various other establishments!

System - Advantages

There are many reasons to clean with a CarpetSmart Cleaning System:

Effective “Inside-Out” Carpet Cleaning Technique

• Remove dirt from deep inside the carpet piles.
• Refresh the colour of the dull-looking carpet/rug.
• The fluffiness of the tuft is restored creating a softer more bouncy           carpet pile.
• Different types of stains and spots are removed more effectively.

   Note: Obviously the results are dependent on the very nature of               the stains.
• Not only cleans but also sanitizes!
• Eliminates bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms in the carpet
• Delays re-infestation of dust mites.

...Benefits for you:
o Very short dry time, can be walked on immediately after cleaning
o Cost savings through not having to close large areas of your hotel           down during cleaning, no more closure of entire floors! No loss of           revenue!
o Dirty compound automatic collection – patented Renovator system 


...Benefits for the carpet:
o No soaking the carpet
o No water marks or chemical residues

o No shrinkage

o No discolouration

o No growth of bacterial pathogen spores within the carpet

o No splitting of seams

o No damaged or dead fibres

...Benefits for the environment:
o 100% natural, renewable raw materials
o Using natural biodegradable compound
o Phosphate-free

o Low PH - No bleaching to your fibres


CarpetSmart Renovator technology for cleaning carpet.

CarpetSmart Renovator technology for dry dirt holding on carpet.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

How much dirt do you want to leave in your carpet???


Our NEW Deep Clean Dry Powder system:

  • Uses no water at all within your carpet (so you never have to worry about that musty mould smell emanating from your carpets)

  • Has no sticky chemical residue that remains after cleaning

  • Removes 98% of soiling from within the depths of your fibres

  • Has very fast dry times (Usually before we have even packed away our eqpt)

  •  Your carpet is ready for use immediately after cleaning leaving your room smelling clean and fresh

  • Uses environmentally friendly chemicals which will help reduce your carbon footprint

  • Is quick, safe, healthy and extremely effective; meaning your carpets remain cleaner for longer

  • Is the most recognised and preferred method of Deep Cleaning maintenance on carpets by all the major carpet institutes worldwide – This system Replaces the very old and damaging Hot Water Extraction process

This is the most advanced carpet cleaning Bangkok has to offer and we pride ourselves in being the very first to offer such high standards in our carpet cleaning!


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We use a system called Low moisture encapsulation; this is a liquid crystal chemical which is driven deep into your carpet fibres using our new machines; whilst simultaneously agitating and lifting your carpet pile. As the chemical dries it draws in all the embedded soils within the carpet without damaging the carpet fibres. After 20-30 minutes the crystal has dried into a solid mass and can be easily extracted by normal daily scheduled vacuuming.


carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

Your carpet is left looking like new after each and every clean. It really is quite incredible.

Our process is quick, very efficient and is recognized worldwide as the most effective and cost-effective method of interim maintenance on your carpets.

Using our Interim cleaning process has very many benefits, one such benefit is that we can extend the life of your carpet by an additional 10 years and also show you many other cost savings in many areas of your establishment.

This is the next generation of carpet cleaning and we are very proud to offer this unique and very specialized service into Asia.

We provide our customers with the most comprehensive and professional carpet maintenance service in Thailand working closely with leading carpet experts and suppliers, meaning we can offer only the best service available due to us having a huge team behind us.

By implementing our professional carpet maintenance service at this stage of your carpets life means we can sustain a clean appearance in your carpets for much longer. Basically enhancing and extending the overall life of your carpets by up to 10 years; thus giving you a much better return on your initial investment.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

Carpets are not a cheap commodity and they are one of the biggest investments for any establishment, therefore a correct maintenance schedule is essential, but having a professional maintenance service using advanced technology, machines and chemistry is far more essential to help protect your capital investment.

Using our preferred method of cleaning carpets has many significant advantages over conventional methods and numerous benefits to your hotel. Shampoo machines are not recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and institutions worldwide as they damage your carpet fibres, shorten its life and can in fact actually void your factory warranty on your investment.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

Shampoo bonnet machines and this method of cleaning is only a superficial clean, there is no extraction of dirt from your carpets which over time creates accelerated degradation of your carpet fibres, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria and promotes rotting in the base of your carpet. This produces a very distinctive musty or mouldy aroma which emanates from your carpet after only a year or less in some cases.

With our system you never have the worry of this; as we remove all alien particles from your fibres giving you a much healthier, cleaner and safer carpet environment.​

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

Our system:

  • Has no water retention within your carpet (so you never have to worry about that musty mould smell emanating from your carpets),

  • Has no sticky chemical residue that remains after cleaning,

  • Removes 90% of soiling from within the depths of your fibres

  • Has a very fast dry time of between 20-45 minutes depending on pile depth and room temperature

  • Uses environmentally friendly chemicals which will help reduce your carbon footprint

  • Is quick, safe, healthy and extremely effective meaning your carpets remain cleaner for longer. (depending on traffic volume of course)

  • Is the most recognized and preferred method of interim maintenance on carpets by all the major carpet institutes worldwide

  • Has specific individual spotting chemicals for specific individual spots (One chemical cannot possibly do all spots)

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We now also offer a powder form of the Crystal Encapsulation system for the cleaning of much larger areas such as convention halls, exhibition halls etc, we introduced this much cheaper alternative to make it much more affordable to clean vast sq.m's of carpet area without compromising on quality or efficiency.


Now we can provide a quality service, offering incredibly fast turnaround times for these very large function areas, which is crucial for busy operations that require carpet cleaning between functions without compromising their schedules.

For all three systems we implement, we have the ability to change our brush strength depending on the fibre type we are cleaning, this is a very unique ability which is what gives our cleaning superiority over every other method.

carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin
carpet cleaning bangkok - carpet cleanin

             Staple Yarn                             Loop Pile                       Twist Pile

CarpetSmart...Providing more value for money per sq.m than any other system on the market! Offering our customers a cleaner path to follow for healthier Carpets and a healthier environment. Carpet cleaning Bangkok hotels has never been so attractive!

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