Specialist Stubborn Stain Removal


One of our most successful services we offer which is in huge demand is our specialist stubborn stain removal process.

This is a process that has taken years to perfect and we are the only company in Asia that carries out this work without incurring any further damage to your carpet fibres. 

The reason for this is that we use specialist chemicals that we import from Europe, these chemicals have been formulated to work only when sprayed onto a particular stain and the chemicals then react with each other over a period of 4-6 hours gently lifting the stain from the carpet. 

Using this method we have successfully removed stains that have been in carpets for 3-4 years. ​This progressive approach, 'a little at a time', is far safer for your carpet fibres ensuring that there is no further damage to your carpet.

We call this 'Progressive Cleaning' because depending on the stain characteristics IE: what the stain is made up of and also how long the stain has been in the carpet, it may require 1 - 4 treatments before the stain has been completely removed. 

This doesn't mean that you get charged for each treatment, not at all, we believe that a job isn't finished until the stain has gone completely and only one charge will be made to our customers. You will find this is an incredibly inexpensive way of preserving your appearance of your carpet with the correct method for removal of unsightly stains.

We do not attack your carpet stain with extremely harsh chemicals to try and force the stain out in one hit, this is very dangerous for your carpet and can be very damaging to your fibres.


This isn't always immediately noticeable, it may be some months before the chemicals take their toll on your fibres and they start to die and fall away from your carpet base.

Harsh chemicals on your carpet can actually do more harm than the stain itself, improper procedures by other companies trying to cut corners and imitate our successful technique do not have the expertise required for such a delicate operation as to remove an aged stubborn stain from carpet fibres.

Our unique and very specialist system and techniques gently works away at the stain, breaking down the molecules making up the stain. This we do gradually with safe chemicals to ensure the very best and safest results for our customers.

Our many years of trial and error perfecting this technique means we can give our customers complete peace of mind that the this type of intricate work will be carried out with professionalism and many years of experience.

Every hotel suffers with carpet stains on many different areas of their property at some point, and are nearly always the same type of spillages. We have successfully removed almost every stain we have been faced with using our specialist technique, the most common of which are 'Orange Juice, Coffee, Red Wine, Fanta drink (Red, Orange and green), Tom Yam Goong, Curry, food spillages, make-up, ink, oil and grease, tea and nail varnish.

Red Wine

We have encountered many hotels who have tried dealing with the stains themselves only to be left with a white ring around the stain where the harsh chemicals have bleached the carpet. Sometimes the stain has been removed but left behind is permanent colour damage to your carpet which is irreparable.

We have also been witness to the worst possible method of trying to remove a stain which has been created in a very visible area by cutting out sections of the carpet where the stain resides. This is seriously the worst possible thing to do to your carpet and is absolutely not necessary at all. Remove the stain professionally, not drastically!

We do try to educate our customers that the best way to deal with any stain is to simply leave it and contact us directly, we are in a far better position to deal with your stain correctly using a proven technique and safe chemicals.

Our philosophy is this: 'if in doubt, consult an expert'.

Food Grease

If you would like professional assistance or advice about any aspect of stain removal, please contact us directly by clicking the button below.