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Four Cornerstones of CarpetSmart Cleaning Process

The CarpetSmart Comprehensive "Planned" Approach identifies the total program of maintenance for the proper care of any facility's most abused asset - its carpet. Our integrated four-step process prevents the build-up of sticky chemical residues and soil, protecting the colour and appearance of expensive, carefully chosen carpets.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is not only the first line of defense for your carpet, but it can be potentially responsible for around 60-80% of dirt removal from peoples footwear prior to it being transferred onto your carpet, yet its the least costly, most effective and least used method? 


•The most effective way to remove grease, dirt and tracked oil from shoes is to place walk-off mats at the entrances, doorways and any area of transition from hard to soft flooring.   

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As part of the CarpetSmart planned approach and high level of service we offer our clients, we will survey the business premises and identify the most high-risk areas and recommend the correct preventative measures needed; if required.


Daily Maintenance

Frequent vacuuming of high-traffic areas will remove 80-90% of dry soil accumulation. Choose a commercial-grade powerful upright vacuum cleaner which meets the certification criteria of the Carpet & Rug Institute. We supply a very powerful Dyson upright specifically for this purpose with incredible results. For a free demonstration of our vacuums please contact us.


Put together an effective stain and spotting kit for immediate attention cleaning of spillages and discoloration culminating from either wax, oil, grease, drinks or hot beverages or other substances. It's best practice to get to spots that have the potential to become stains before it has time to dry out. Being vigilant is key to the success of good carpet maintenance.  We supply all the correct chemicals for daily maintenance in your property, please see our supply page here.

CarpetSmart aim to get to a spillage within a 24 hour period once notified as another part of the service we provide, we believe that if a spillage can be contained quickly there is less work involved which ultimately leads to less harm to your carpet fibres and also maintains a high level of appearance at all times. Combined with your own staff vigilance provides a speedy solution and containment of spillages.

Interim Maintenance cleaning

All carpets require at least one Annual deep clean, this is to significantly reduce soil build up within the carpets fibres, thus making it easier for a hotel to maintain themselves. Depending on the traffic and function regularity, some areas of carpet, like Ballrooms, hallways and Lobby entrances may require 2 or 4 scheduled deep cleans per year to maintain a healthy and clean looking carpet.


The goal of Interim Maintenance is to keep the carpet clean between the deep cleans, and maintain a consistent level of appearance without sacrificing safety whilst reducing overall maintenance costs.


The CarpetSmart process is the next-generation approach to effective Interim Maintenance involving three simple steps:

  1. We apply the crystallized cleaning solution to carpeting with either a manual sprayer or a machine-mounted electric applicator. The crystallized cleaning solution is non-hazardous, contains no VOCs, and is approved for use on wool as well as stain-resistant fibres.

  2. We then agitate the crystallized cleaning solution immediately into the carpet fibres with low moisture machine, with its twin-cylindrical brushes. The low moisture machine carries the solution deep into the fibres, scrubbing each tuft in multiple directions while lifting and opening the pile at the same time.

  3. Vacuum in as little as 20 minutes or at the next vacuum cycle.

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Annual Deep Cleaning

This method of deep cleaning your carpet should be performed at a bare minimum of once a year, if an area is a very high traffic area this should be increased to twice or more depending on the state of the carpet. This could also include the following examples: poor maintenance, flooding, water leaks, incorrect scheduling of interim cleaning or otherwise extra-ordinary conditions. 

Machine And Chemistry

CarpetSmart Low Moisture Machines

Each of CarpetSmart’s low moisture machines utilizes counter-rotating twin-cylindrical brushes rotating at 480 rpm to agitate the carpet, whilst automatically applying the Crystal chemistry deep into the fibres, simultaneously lifting the carpet pile all in one pass.

We also use a removable protective flap on the front of our machines which prevents splashing during use, and non-marking bumpers which protect building furnishings. The premium-grade power cord is also UL Listed.

The twin cylinder system is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute and recommended by leading carpet mills to be the best, most efficient and safest way to clean carpets. Many businesses are unaware of this new technology and continue to use a spin bonnet shampooing rotary system which ultimately damage carpet fibres, shorten the life of the carpet and actually void the carpet manufacturer’s warranty.



CarpetSmart’s Crystal Encapsulating Cleaning Chemicals and dry powder compound

This product is a cleaning agent combining both effective detergent components with unique crystallizing polymers creating a perfect blend to efficiently capture trapped in or embedded soils (oily and dry) and encapsulate them in a microscopic crystal for extraction later using vacuum recovery. Re-soiling will not occur as rapidly as with other more sticky chemicals as the residue becomes an attractant. This product extends time between dry deep cleaning to yearly or longer in most situations. It is non-butyl with a neutral pH and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our cleaning agent is carefully controlled in measured dilution for consistent cleaning and helps reduce costs through unnecessary overuse of product. It has a simple dilution ratio for maximum effectiveness, 1 bottle per 2 gallons of water. Our encapsulation product is WoolSafe Approved, has been awarded the Green Seal Certification, and has also obtained the CRI Seal of Approval. 

Our revolutionary dry powder deep cleaning compound is biodegradable and in conjunction with our remarkable machine technology can deep clean a carpet 80% more efficient than any other carpet cleaning system currently on the market. With our techniques, processes and expertise in our field, your carpets cannot be in better hands.

Where Does the Dirt Go?

These photos are of dried, undiluted chemistry.

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Because there is an immediate visible improvement and before we even extract the dried crystals, people usually ask "Where's the dirt gone?" 

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Our answer is more a comparison for better an example, one in which we compare our encapsulated soil within a crystallized particle to that of a diamond. Diamonds are far from perfect, they are full of tiny flaws but flaws all the same. Embedded foreign particles throughout the stone but are only visible through greater magnification. Similarly, our Crystal containing our encapsulated foreign soils in a clear polymer,  still looks perfectly formed and clear to the naked eye or even under low magnification. The dirt or "flaw" is there, but all that is clearly visible is bright and clean carpet. The dirt-filled polymer crystals are extracted easily by vacuuming, this may be carried out at any time without having an adverse effect.


Extend Carpet Life And Cost Savings…

Carpet is not meant to last forever; that is why manufacturer’s issue wear warranties to inform their customers how long they should last. But unfortunately they do not have appearance warranties; appearance generally is the factor that determines when the carpet is replaced.

By implementing the CarpetSmart ‘Planned Approach’ appearance no longer has to be the determining factor in early carpet replacement. The low-moisture agitation and crystallization system which is used has been scientifically proven to maintain the carpets healthy appearance and prolong its life by up to 10 years longer than just vacuuming alone.


On average, companies tend to have to change their carpet every 5-7 years, so by using the CarpetSmart system and extending the life by another 10 years, they would save on replacing the carpet twice, and also reduce the depreciation value of the carpet each year.


CarpetSmart Interim Cleaning Related to Carpet Depreciation

  1. For savings listed below, eliminate one vacuum every second month and replace with one CarpetSmart interim clean.

  2. Vacuum and CarpetSmart cleaning machines both clean at 6,000 sq. feet per hour.

  3. The life of a carpet is usually determined by how quickly it visually deteriorates. 

  4. For our example below, the carpets value is estimated at 8,000,000thb which is 1,000sq.m@8,000/sq.m / cleaning price is 35thb per sq. m x 1,000sq.m (Example)).

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Cost Savings Study

Vacuuming 5 days per week                                                                                    260 Days per year

Replacing one vacuum every 6th month with one cleaning                                ‐2 Days

CarpetSmart cleaning once every 6th month                                                        +2 Days

  1. Since both machines clean at the same rate, there is no change in labour costs

  2. Since CarpetSmart uses chemicals; the additional cost is 35,000thb per clean @35thb per sq.m. x 1,000sq.m.= 70,000thb per year or 1,050,000thb over 15 years

  3. Savings based on a 15 year depreciation vs. a 5 year depreciation: =  533,333.33thb minus 70,000thb/yr cleaning costs, gives you an annual saving of 463,333.33thb.

By replacing one vacuum every sixth month with a CarpetSmart scheduled interim clean the savings made based on a 15 year depreciation vs. a 5 year depreciation are:- 6,949,999.99 in depreciation saving.

Environment..(Going Green)                                                   

Green cleaning has been driving new generations of carpet care chemicals and cleaning methods. These new Green initiatives in relation to carpet maintenance include limiting or minimizing the use of water. 

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More and more green chemicals are being developed. They’re safer on the environment, to health and are less corrosive. The chemistry has definitely changed for the better. 

Leading the way in green cleaning chemicals are the advances in encapsulation cleaning such as hydrogen peroxide chemistry that destroys odours, boosts cleaning power and then breaks down safely into oxygen and water such as the ones used in the CarpetSmart system.


Our Commitment

At CarpetSmart, we believe our uncompromising commitment to environmental sustainability enhances our corporate mission: to promote industry innovation, safety and green cleaning systems.

We do this in several ways:

  1. CarpetSmart uses products that integrate reusable and replaceable components that are manufactured for longer life cycles and avoid unnecessary landfill disposal.

  2. CarpetSmart cleaning systems and Green Seal certified chemistry contributes to protecting the built environment and promoting healthy building standards.

  3. This revolutionary green cleaning technology is designed to conserve water and reduce chemical usage. Concentrates in recyclable packaging are designed to conserve natural resources.

  4. As advocates for worker safety, we focus on intuitive systems that reduce risk and promote worker wellness.

  5. Low moisture process does not overtax the HVAC system with dehumidification for energy savings and smaller carbon footprint.




A quote by Bob Wittkamp, Certified Master Cleaning Technician by the IICRC

(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

"Encapsulation may prove to be one of the greatest advances in carpet maintenance during my 30-year tenure with the industry."

ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine

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best carpet cleaning service Bangkok

Daily Maintenance: Vacuuming Frequency Minimums

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Interim Maintenance - Cleaning Frequency Minimums

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Deep Cleaning – Dry Powder - Cleaning Frequency Minimums

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The Science of Cleaning



‘CarpetSmart’ Superior Interim Carpet Cleaning Specialists


• Carpets have wear warranties

• Carpets do not have appearance warranties

• Appearance generally determines carpet replacement

• Appearance is not the determining factor in early carpet replacement when the CarpetSmart (Low‐Moisture Agitation) System is used.


Soil Measurement

In order to measure soiling accurately we use a patented symbol Δ This system then provides us with the answers to many questions regarding carpet cleaning. These can be about: Procedures, Accountability and Frequency.

The way in which we can measure the total difference in colour between a new carpet and a dirty or old carpet is by using the numerical measure of ΔE.

Frequency – Layering of Soil in Grey Carpet Tiles

As soil builds up, carpets change colour and continue changing colour until saturated. The colour change of the carpet, as expressed by ΔE, correlates with the build-up of soil.

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As the table above clearly suggests by the soil measurement, the carpet actually requires cleaning before ΔE reaches 3. 


Generally accepted vacuuming and cleaning frequencies:

• Vacuum – daily

• Interim clean – as needed

• Deep clean – once or twice a year


In‐House Visual Appearance Results Comparing Two Procedures:

Vacuum Cleaning vs. CarpetSmart Cleaning using numerical soil measurements (ΔE)

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CarpetSmart carpets are up to 21 times visually cleaner than when vacuuming alone is performed.

Third Party Certification

Cleaning Research International

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We commissioned Cleaning Research International to confirm our in-house visual appearance procedures.


• Crystal Encapsulating Interim cleaning is part of the CarpetSmart Comprehensive Planned Approach to Maintenance and was included in the third party certification report.

• Approximately 10,000 footsteps would be represented by each soiling cycle.

• ΔL is the way we measure the change in whiteness between a new and a dirty old soiled carpet.



When the carpet is soiled for the first time, there is a sudden change in its appearance. 

In the case of the carpet being subjected to interim cleaning, however, each subsequent clean restores the carpet to a value around that obtained after a single soiling. This means that by regular use of the CarpetSmart System, the soiled appearance of the carpet can be maintained at a satisfactory level over a prolonged period of time.


Furthermore, after ‘restoration cleaning’ using encapsulation equipment, the recovery of the carpet regularly maintained with the CarpetSmart system is significantly better than that which does not have the benefit of CarpetSmart's interim maintenance. 

              Every 5th soiling cycle is high-

              lighted to show when the

              CarpetSmart interim method was

              performed. There is a notable

              difference in the amount of

              soil present after interim

              cleaning is performed.

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best carpet cleaning service Bangkok
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