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Much of the work we are called out for is to help with bad smells in the carpet, this could be from water leaks, smelly socks from guests, spillages, urine, over-wetting from old fashioned carpet cleaning water systems, smoking floors and rooms or many other reasons, too many to mention.

It is our job to eliminate the bad odours from the carpet and make the room, corridor or area completely smell-free, and at the same time giving the carpet a much needed deep clean right down to the base of the carpet.

We use two chemicals to help us eliminate odours, both are integrated into our normal deep cleaning system.

By simply adding an odour neutralizing chemical into the tank on our machines, the chemical is driven deep into the carpet pile together with our pre-clean chemicals, these are totally compatible to work alongside each other, allowing us to do two jobs in one go.

Remove bad odours from spillages on carp
Remove bad smell from carpet

The chemical is so effective against odours that it literally soaks up the bad smell almost out of thin air. To finish off the job we then spray over the whole carpeted area with an anti-bacterial; very pleasant smelling chemical that leaves the whole room, corridor or ballroom very inviting and welcoming for your guests. 

This is a great system to use on your smoking floors if you still have them, or any room with a bad smell!.

Our treatment doesn't just disguise the smell like most fresheners do, ours eliminates it so as not to return, isn't that the whole point of Odour elimination?

For a free no obligation demonstration on a small area of carpet, please use the contact us button below.

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