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Marble Restoration and Water Mark Removal

Marble restoration is a relatively new service we have recently introduced which tackles the problem of aged, weathered and dull looking marble in both large and small areas.

This is a very specialist service requiring a huge amount of skilled training by experts and leading manufacturers of specialist equipment and chemistry.

We are very lucky to have just been awarded exclusive distributorship for a highly reputable company called Excentr who manufacture an extensive range of very high-end and professional machines for industrial use, meaning we can tackle almost any problem we are presented with bringing marble floors up like new.

The finish you get with this system is unlike anything we have witnessed anywhere in Asia, but we not only provide the service, we also supply the machines for properties to take care of the areas of marble flooring themselves with proficiency and excellence. We provide full training so as to ensure you get the best possible results and also the best value for money.

Please see our full range of marble machines here.

Apart from the usual problems of scratched floors from heavy traffic, or dulling from years of cleaning with harsh chemicals, or even just down to old age; we also remove water marks from marble counter and table tops. An issue we are seeing more and more of across Thailand. I cannot think of a single hotel we have visited that doesn't suffer with this problem to some degree!

This problem was first brought to our attention around 2017 where we took it upon ourselves to find a solution for our customers.

After many months of discussions with various suppliers and experts in marble we discovered Excentr, they gave us the solution to alleviate this problem, with small hand held machines and a range of pads and chemicals, we can restore your marble back to an incredible deep shine and then protect it with a clear highly polished coating to prevent re-marking. The system works incredibly well and helps keep your marble surfaces looking immaculate, partnered with our high quality standards which CarpetSmart continually strives for, gives you the very best in both service and results.

Please see some of our latest work we have carried out below...

Marble floor before and after.jpeg
Highly polished marble floor.jpeg
Marble bathroom floor 1 before.jpeg
Marble bathroom floor 2 after.jpeg
Limescale removal (1).JPG
Limescale removal (2).JPG
Marble floor limescale and water mark re
Marble floor limescale and water mark re
marble water mark removal 1 before.jpeg
Marble table after water mark
restaurant table 1 before.jpeg
restaurant table 2 after.jpeg
Water mark removal 1 before.jpeg
Water mark removal 2 after.jpeg
sink surround 1 before.jpeg
sink surround 2 after.jpeg
sink surround 3 before.jpeg
sink surround 4 after after.jpeg
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