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The Best CRB Machine on the Market! 

  • Most Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technology on The Market!

  • Carpet & Rug Institute Approved

  • Most effective & Cost-Effective Method of Cleaning Carpets

  • Eliminates Bacteria in Your Carpet, Doesn’t Create Bacteria

  • Light & Very Easy to Use, Under Beds, in Tight Corners

  • Most advanced Chemicals Which Offer the Very Best Results

  • Safe for your carpet fibres & a cleaner environment.

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2 x New Brushes


Import Duty & Tax

Professional Training on Use & Maintenance  Ongoing Support

8 Day Lead Time

1 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty on the Motor



+ vat
best carpet cleaning machines bangkok - best carpet cleaning machines bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning machines bangkok - best carpet cleaning machines bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning machines bangkok - best carpet cleaning machines bangkok.jpg

Plus our Own Branded Range of Superior Encapsulation Chemicals designed to enhance your colours, clean right down to the base of the carpet, eliminate Bacteria, has a 30 Minute dry time, Environmentally Friendly, and are the latest technology in carpet chemicals on the market. 1 Box of 12 x 12fl.oz. bottles (Which is equivalent to 4.25 litres) costs 1,990thb and can cover 2,400sq.m of carpet per box, that's only 0.82thb/sq.m.

The system and the Chemicals we use with these machines;

  • Has no water retention within your carpet (so you never have to worry about that musty mould smell emanating from your carpets) and No more airborne pathogens of bacterial spores circulating your hotel.

  • Has no sticky chemical residue that remains after cleaning,

  • Removes 90% of soiling from within the depths of your fibres

  • Has a very fast dry time of between 20-45 minutes depending on pile depth and room temperature

  • Uses environmentally friendly chemicals which will help reduce your carbon footprint

  • Is quick, safe, healthy and extremely effective meaning your carpets remain cleaner for longer? (depending on traffic volume of course)

  • Is the most recognised and preferred method of interim maintenance on carpets by all the major carpet institutes worldwide

  • Can extend the life of your carpet by up to 10 years, which is why Carpet Manufacturers don't like us and insist on using the Hot Water Extraction system which may degrade your carpet 5 times quicker

  • NO WATER = No Shrinkage of your carpet

                                No Discolouration of your carpets rich colours

                                No Bacteria Growth

                                No split seams

                                No lengthy drying times

                                No sticky chemical residue

                                A longer life span of your carpets

  • 100% of moisture and chemical is removed from your carpet simply  by vacuuming the dried crystallised chemical containing all the dirt, chemical and moisture out of your carpet, leaving a totally dry, clean and bright carpet. 

  • ALL our Chemicals and Machines have the CRI Approval (Carpet & Rug Institute) which is the leading Carpet Institution worldwide. The shampoo you are currently using may not come with an approval for use on carpets, so you may need to check, and if used with our machines can not only start to damage the polypropylene brushes, but can also void your factory warranty!

best carpet cleaning bangkok - best carpet cleaning bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning bangkok - best carpet cleaning bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning bangkok - best carpet cleaning bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning bangkok - best carpet cleaning bangkok.jpg
best carpet cleaning Bangkok
best carpet cleaning bangkok - best carpet cleaning bangkok.jpg
Bring your carpets back to life by using the right Equipment & Chemicals, the very same equipment the professional’s use!

Eliminate Water – Eliminate Risk – Eliminate Bacteria!

Don’t Create a Bacterial Breeding Ground by using antiquated and old-fashioned ‘Hot Water Extraction’ machines, or very damaging Bonnet machines! In fact, ‘ANY’ Water system is damaging for your carpet and your environment!

Times change and cleaning methods and systems change with them. It’s never been more important to think about the Bacteria you are creating in your hotel than it is right now! We can help you eliminate Bacteria in your carpets forever by moving away from using WATER! Water is the fuel which creates bacteria in your dark, warm moist carpet base.

No Water = No Bacteria!

We bring you the very latest and most advanced Carpet Cleaning System anywhere to be found at a very affordable price. If you want results, then you need to be using this equipment! This is the exact same equipment we use to clean our customers carpets, now we are offering them to you, so you can be rid of those old and carpet destroying water machines that only create musty smells, and take care of your carpets in exactly the same way a professional would.

We provide full training on these machines.

There is actually a well known supplier of carpet cleaning machines who specifically tell people on their website not to use the Encapsulation process "because the process agitates the carpet releasing Bacteria into the air". 

This is partly true and I'm surprised they have put it on there. Why?... Because they are admitting their is Bacteria in your carpet, but what they don't tell you is that it is their machines and water system that creates the bacteria in the first place! Without water present in your carpet Bacteria cannot survive and dies within a dry carpet, so every time you add more water, as suggested by them, you are simply creating a nicer environment for the Bacteria to grow and flourish. Over time this becomes very apparent because of the musty mouldy smell coming from your carpet!

So, if you were to use our system, that isn't a water system, and allows your carpet to dry out fully within 30-40 minutes, then you will never have a Bacterial issue in your carpets ever again!

The carpet agitation is totally neccessary for the correct cleaning of the fibres deep down in your pile, without it would be like throwing a bucket of water over your car and expecting it to be perfectly clean afterward! But agitate with a sponge and Voila...Clean!

The releasing of the Bacteria through agitation; which is caused by this old fashioned twentieth century Hot Water Extraction system; would only actually occur on the very first clean because you have previously cleaned with water, once the encapsulation process is complete, all the bacteria is dead, therefore you have corrected the problem caused by using the wrong equipment and chemicals with a far superior and more environmentally frindlier process.

The CRI recommends that Hot Water Deep Cleaning is carried out every 12-18 months, and more than this can cause damage to your carpet by over-wetting!

20-25% of dirty water remains in your carpet if you use a water system, this is what causes your carpet to start looking a greyish colour over time, and may start to smell?

WATER = BACTERIA! There's no getting away from the truth, and there's no better time to remove this system from your establishment, we are all more than aware of the consequences caused by Bacteria, especially now, so we should therefore do everything in our power to change some aspects of how we do things for the better...and we are offering you that chance right now!

Check out our 'Wet V's Dry' page here.

best carpet cleaning machines bangkok - best carpet cleaning machines bangkok.jpg
We also have a range of different grade brushes for different fibre types, we find that the Blue are the most versatile. So, our machine comes with 2 x Blue brushes already attached.
best carpet cleaning machines bangkok - best carpet cleaning machines bangkok.jpg
Plus, we also supply the most environmentally friendly spotting chemical to remove most day-to-day spots. At, 220thb/bottle.
For further information, please contact us using any of the details below. Thank you.
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